What are the Shoes at Fashion Week?
Dior Show Spectators

Feb 27, 2018



After a week of skiing to completely empty my head before checking out all shoes at the Dior show, it was a bit like seeing Jane from the Accounting Department on the first Monday in September. We like it, but could have done without it, too. But because we like it, we must recognize it in the background.

We assume it is curves, it is dubious choices, it is a desire to please.

Never in your life could you break her love of mixing prints as taught in Fashion 101. Never put on stuffed mules to do anything but put out your garbage cans!

She is amazing because she gives us her all. It is fashionable as the artist to give her audience both a cursed and poetic side. As such, I have tears in my eyes. And not in a bad way.


She read that it was necessary to enhance the look of an unexpected accessory. Just to be absolutely sure, she chooses two ;)


She understood everything about the mannish trend. But as she likes to go further than most girls, so she dares to sport white.


And when there is "Team Building through karaoke", it makes your head hurt. It's not every day she can afford it and it may be the way to make a splash (and get a raise in the near future).


Jane from Accounting, I love it. I love all of these spectators at the Dior show, too.